April Ryan Hurls Racist Insults at Diamond & Silk Over #PieGate

The left has become what they claim to loathe. Diamond and Silk deliver a smackdown to April Ryan in the video below.

I can’t believe people are really arguing over a chocolate pecan pie…

TGP: Diamond and Silk were racially attacked by April Ryan following an appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend on Saturday morning in which the Trump supporting black female duo talked about several topics, including the ginned up by liberals controversy over White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Thanksgiving Day chocolate pecan pie. Diamond and Silk, while harshly critical of Ryan, did not attack their fellow black female in racial terms, making the responding racist attacks on them by Ryan more disturbing.

April Ryan Hurls Racist Insults at Diamond & Silk Over #PieGate


Sanders was accused on Friday by April Ryan, a CNN analyst and White House reporter for American Urban Radio Network, of faking a photo of the pie and demanded that Sanders bake her a pie to prove herself. However, Ryan said she would not eat the pie, accusing Sanders of wanting to poison her because she is a reporter.

The photo of the pie posted by Sanders has been proven by Gizmodo to not have been previously posted to the Internet.

Diamond and Silk said of Ryan, “The only thing she knows how to cook and serve is the very fake news.”

Ryan responded saying, “Oh wow slow news day. Now the fruit loop factory with Rock and Burlap chimes in. Fake! Oh Lawd ! You guys are walking and talking fake! Merry Christmas!”

Ryan later retweeted racist attacks on Diamond and Silk, including ones mocking them as minstrel performers.

Roland Martin, “Well I see Cubic Zirconia and Satin have been hauled out to provide their minstrel Show comedy routine about @AprilDRyan. These two clueless folks have no business commenting on anything. They are a bad carnival act”

Fellow CNN anaylyst Bakari Sellers, “Oh my. The three on the left went and got “Man-Tan” and “Sleep and Eat” To criticize a legend. (@SpikeLee reference)

Spike Lee reference from Bamboozled. Ezcerpt from review:

“As I watched Man Tan, Sleep and Eat, Aunt Jemima, Li’l Nigger Jim, Sambo and Rastus, along with a band called the Alabama Porch Monkeys (played by the Roots) cavorting and lazing about in their watermelon patch…”

Liberal White House reporters like April Ryan are allowed to use racism to attack Trump supporting black women because why, CNN?

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