Arab Leaders Slam Obama’s “Bad & Dangerous” Nuclear Deal With Iran ➠ “The West Has Capitulated” To The Iranians!

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Arab Leaders Slam Obama’s “Bad and Dangerous” Nuclear Deal With Iran

Arab politicians and analysts slammed Barack “Obama’s bad and dangerous” nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

Via The Gatestone Institutute:

“This is a dangerous agreement… [it]provides Iran with what it needs most to pursue its wars and expansionism against the Arabs: funds.” — Salah al-Mukhtar, Ammon News.


“Iran has tried to intervene in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and it is seeing that it’s not paying any price… There is also a feeling in Tehran that the U.S. is avoiding a military confrontation with the Iranians.” — Hassan al-Barari, Al-Sharq.


According to Hani al-Jamal, an Egyptian political and regional researcher, the deal means that the international community has accepted Iran as a nuclear power.


Arab leaders and heads of state were polite enough not to voice public criticism of the agreement when President Barack Obama phoned them to inform them about it. But this has not stopped Arab politicians, political analysts and columnists reflecting government thinking in the Arab world from lashing out at what they describe as “Obama’s bad and dangerous deal with Iran.”


The Arabs, especially those living in the Gulf, see the framework agreement as a sign of US “weakness” and a green light for Iran to pursue its “expansionist” scheme in the Arab world.


“Some Arab countries are opposed to the nuclear deal because it poses a threat to their interests,” said the Egyptian daily Al-Wafd in an article entitled, “Politicians: Obama’s deal with Iran threatens Arab world.”


The newspaper quoted Hani al-Jamal, an Egyptian political and regional researcher, as saying that the deal means that the international community has accepted Iran as a nuclear power. He predicted that the framework agreement would put Iran and some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt on a collision course.

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The pro-Hizbullah Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar also said “The West has capitulated” to the Iranians

He said that what happened is a great achievement, for it is not just Western recognition of Iran’s right to nuclear energy, but Western recognition that every nation is entitled to attain its rights – which will lead to greater rebellion against Western and American hegemony in the coming years. He concluded his article by saying that in his speech following the joint statement, President Obama implicitly acknowledged that the U.S. had had no other choice, and that Iran’s enemies heard Obama saying, ‘I am at your service, Khamenei.”

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