‘Are You High?’ ➠ Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin Gives Donald Trump A B-Minus On Campaign Announcement

22688078 ‘Are you high?’: Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin gives Donald Trump a B-minus on campaign annoucement

Now that Donald Trump has announced his intention to run for president, we’d like to ask him what he’d do about America’s problem with grade inflation. While many viewers confessed they couldn’t make it through Trump’s speech due to deepening revulsion over some sort of growing blob at the corner of his mouth, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin gave Trump a B-minus for style, as well as for substance. (We’re guessing that substance was “old man schmutz”.)

Not surprisingly, giving a grade above an F to the presidential candidate who asked seriously, “When did we beat Japan at anything?” had some wondering if Halperin wasn’t watching some other speech recorded just for him.


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