Armed Thug Quickly Surrenders & Immediately Starts Begging…

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Crimes are becoming increasingly common across America, especially in cities where citizens are largely disarmed thanks to liberal anti-gun policies. However, one incident in Cleveland is showing how just a few words can immobilize an idiotic thug, but it’s even better when you can back those words up.

Ohio’s Suleyman’s Supermarket on Cleveland’s West Side was the site of an armed robbery. Two men, a 19-year-old Parma man and an 18-year-old Cleveland man, entered the store just before 10 pm on Wednesday, March 29. The owner and his employee were having a conversation when the thugs demanded money. The store owner handed over around $300 in cash before they fled quickly out the front door, but they weren’t expecting who they ran into while attempting to flee.

A cop was right outside the door because a passerby flagged down a police cruiser after noticing the masked men entering the shop. After seeing the police officer, the two robbers ran back into the store, only to be confronted by a more menacing figure — an armed civilian. The employee of the store grabbed a gun from behind the counter and chased down the two thugs.

As one of the robbers entered the back room, the friend grabbed him slammed him into the wall, police said. The second robber hid in the bathroom. The friend told police he tried to coax the robber out of the bathroom, saying “my gun is bigger than yours.” The robbers surrendered and begged the man not to shoot him, reports show. The friend ordered them to the ground and handed the owner his gun while he searched the robbers for weapons. He found a gun and a magazine in their pockets. More

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