ATF Received Over 310,000 Comments On Agency’s Failed Ammo Ban!

ATF LogoATF Received Over 310,000 Comments On Agency’s Failed Ammo Ban…


That’s a lot of pissed off people. Also 4 times the amount they originally said…

Via WFB:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) received more than 310,000 comments from the public on the agency’s failed attempt to ban a popular form of ammunition used in AR-15 rifles.


“We’ve received more than 310,000 public comments,” said Ginger Colbrun, a spokesperson for the ATF. “We’re still receiving some letters which are postmarked prior to the end of the comment period, March 16th.”


The ATF announced March 10 that it would not pursue a proposed ban on the M855 ammunition, commonly referred to as “green tip,” 5.56 ammunition. The move came after pressure from gun rights groups across the country.


The ATF said at the time that it had received more than 80,000 public comments before making the decision to hold off on the ban.


In addition to encouraging their members to submit comments opposing the ban, several of the largest gun rights groups launched campaigns against the ban. The National Rifle Association organized a letter to the ATF opposing the ban signed by 53 senators and 236 congressmen. The Second Amendment Foundation launched a nationwide radio and television ad campaign against the ban in addition to threatening legal action.  More

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