ATF’s Recent Gun Raid Wasn’t On Just Any Gun Shop

ATF’s Recent Gun Raid Wasn’t On Just Any Gun Shop

ATF’s Recent Gun Raid Wasn’t on Just any Gun Shop

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided a gun shop that was the setting for the reality show “American Guns,” Colorado media outlets reported.

The owner of Gunsmoke in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Rich Wyatt waaasnnot charged and not in custody, according to ABC 7 News in Denver.

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The Internal Revenue Service began investigating Gunsmoke and conducted a similar raid in March of 2013 after the shop was burglarized that year.

The ATF said they were following up on a warrant from the 2013 investigation, but wouldn’t say what the exact purpose of their investigation was. The U.S. Attorney told 7 News that documents in the case are sealed.

ATF national headquarters in Washington referred TheBlaze to an ATF spokesman in Denver, who could not immediately be reached Thursday.


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