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Australian Teenage Muslim Convert Carries Out Suicide Bombing For ISIS

SUSPECTED teenage suicide bomber Jake Billardi prepared a series of improvised explosive devices and had planned bomb and knife attacks on Melbourne as a fallback to travelling to Syria and fighting for the Islamic State.
In an extraordinary blog attributed to the 18-year-old school dropout from Melbourne, Billardi talks openly about his conversion to radical Islam and his plan to attack targets in Melbourne.

“With my martyrdom operation drawing closer, I want to tell you my story,’’ begins the final entry on the blog.

Billardi talks about making contact with a ‘’brother online’’ who instructed him on how to enter Syria.

The teenager also refers to an earlier martyrdom operation which appears to have been aborted for unknown reasons.

News broke last night that Billardi, known as “Jihad Jake’’ or the “White Jihadi’’, had been killed in one of a series of Islamic State suicide bombings across the Iraqi city of Ramadi. More

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