Abid Awan Lawyer Demanded Witness Reveal What She Told FBI, Probed About ‘Radical Islamic Activities’

Why is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and any of the 44 Democrats in the House that were compromised by Awan still in office? She should be in jail and the rest removed from office. When will any of these DC swamp dwellers go to prison?

The American media is given special consideration by our constitution, yet they have absolutely no interest in reporting on this spy ring in Congress?

Daily Caller:

A lawyer for Abid Awan — one of the three brothers who the House Inspector General found made “unauthorized access” to congressional servers before the election — used a deposition in an unrelated civil case to ask a witness to reveal what she told FBI agents, to ascertain if they asked about “radical Islamic activities,” and inquire about a grand jury.

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Attorney Jim Bacon also asked the witness to try to find out details of the investigation from officials and asked whether they had offered to put her into a witness protection program. The deposition was given as part of a lawsuit regarding the Awans’ deceased father’s $50,000 life insurance policy.

Bacon asked the witness — the Awans’ stepmother, Samina Gilani — who from Capitol Hill was gathering information about the alleged hack on Congress, according to a transcript of the deposition, which was conducted in Bacon’s office.

“Come clean. That’s the best,” Bacon told her, calling it “important.”

Gilani testified that the oldest Awan brother, Imran, was wiretapping her.

“He has connected my phone, my house phone, with his own phone,” she said. “Whenever I talked to someone in Pakistan, he told me later on that you told this, you said this.” More

The MSM is just as if not more corrupt than Washington way more than most Americans really know…

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