Awesome ➠ Watch Flag-Burning Protest STAMPED OUT When Vets, Bikers Show Up In Force!


Anti-police activists who staged a pre-Fourth of July flag-burning event in New York Wednesday night got a huge surprise from a group of veterans and bikers who sent the flag-burners scattering — and getting an exit escort from the same police they demonstrate against.

The group, calling itself “Disarm NYPD,” had planned the event days in advance, and announced it on Facebook.

“We maintain, unwaveringly, that both the Confederate flag, and the American flag are symbols of oppression,” the group said.

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The counter-protesters came prepared with water guns and their own flags.

WARNING: Strong language.



One person succinctly summed up the problem with the flag-burning:

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) July 1, 2015

The protesters did manage, however, to burn one flag — in a secluded corner of the park away from the main protest.

“They’re losers looking for a few minutes of fame,” John Carroll told New York City’s CBS2 News. “And they didn’t even have the guts to do it down there where they were far outnumbered. And I got here before they destroyed it completely.”

The protesters were none too pleased with the bikers and vets.

After the burning, New York State Sen. Martin Golden, a Republican whose district includes Brooklyn, issued a statement.

“As a proud American, I was disheartened to learn that the American flag was burned tonight in historic Fort Greene Park. It is a sad day for all of us to watch this despicable act of hatred take place on sacred Brooklyn ground,” he said in the statement, as CBS2 reported. “I salute the many pro-Americans who showed up and stood tall in the name of our rights and liberties.”

Even far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t pleased with the flag-burning.

“This protest is a divisive, disrespectful way to express views, and does not reflect the values of our city. The American flag represents national unity, our shared ideals and honors the brave women and men who have served our country,” de Blasio said in a statement issued before the protest, according to CBS2.

This video, via TheBlaze, depicts the flag-burners scattering from the veterans and bikers.


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