The Ax Finally Falls On The Vile Michelle Wolf… Liberals LOSE IT & Cry SEXISM!

Finally, people realize not only is Michelle Wolff a vile twit but she wasn’t funny either. Netflix handled this with the same class Michelle Wolf showed for her 10 episodes.

The good news it was canceled because nobody watched her disgusting show. Ergo, no revenue. If nobody watched it, there may not be as many lunatics in the country as I had previously feared. Or, is it that even lunatics have to draw a line somewhere?


[A]nti-Trump comedian Michelle Wolff’s Netflix show has been canceled less than three months after its debut. The more notorious skits featured on the short-lived show included a sketch where ICE was compared to ISIS terrorists as well as ridiculous defenses of, and celebrations for, abortion.

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With all that in mind, the Daily Beast is reporting that some staffers for Wolf’s canceled show are accusing Netflix of taking the low road:

From the Daily Beast:

“None of us can believe how classlessly Netflix has handled this,” a source connected to the show told The Daily Beast after the news broke, noting that the entire writing staff and even the showrunners found out they had been fired on Twitter. More


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