Baltimore Bombshell Memos! Defense Says Mosby Had Role In Freddie Gray’s Death


Baltimore bombshell memos! Defense says Mosby had role in Freddie Gray’s death

The same Baltimore state’s attorney who basked in the national spotlight after arresting six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who died after being arrested in a police drug crackdown, was behind the order for the police crackdown in the first place, internal documents Baltimore Police memos show.

And State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby wanted extra cops on the very corner where the arrest took place.

The Baltimore PD memos, first reported by the Baltimore Sun and publicized nationally Tuesday night on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” are likely to complicate Mosby’s prosecution of the officers, who face charges ranging from false arrest to second-degree murder.

The memos were part of a defense motion to get Mosby removed from the case because she is a potential witness in the proceedings.

One of the motions reads, in part.

“It must be understood that Mrs. Mosby was directing these officers to one of the highest crime intersections in Baltimore City and asking them to make arrests, conduct surveillance, and stop crime,” the defense attorneys wrote. “Now, the State is apparently making the unimaginable argument that the police officers are not allowed to use handcuffs to protect their safety and prevent flight in an investigatory detention where the suspect fled in a high crime area and actually had a weapon on him.”

“She’s got some nerve challenging [the]arrest,” Kelly said Tuesday. “This document proves she knew it was a high-crime area, and she’s encouraging arrests!”

What it boils down to is Mosby’s office wanted a police crackdown on drug activity in the same neighborhood Mosby’s husband represents as a city councilman.

Whatever happened to Gray, and the public still doesn’t know how he died because Mosby’s office is keeping his autopsy report sealed, the case hinges in large part on the initial arrest.

Police officers who were complying with their superiors’ orders to carry out that crackdown arrested Gray, who had a history of drug dealing. More

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