Baltimore Professor ➠ “White People Should Deposit Their Unearned Wealth In Black Accounts”

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Baltimore Professor: “White People Should Deposit Their Unearned Wealth In Black Accounts”

Lawrence Brown is an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore. He’s an activist who basically believes blacks should receive reparations, that America is segregated, that blacks suffer from historical trauma from white supremacist America.

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White people’s wealth is apparently ‘unearned’ because it is based off a white supremacist society that steals from black people. That is said wealth should be ‘deposited in black accounts’.

In activist parlance, ‘white allies’ are the white liberal/leftists that come out at at some of these protests. This standing with black folk is apparently in his words being given too easily, and should not be given without this cost.

Unfortunately, it appears Morgan State has no problem with this man teaching students.

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