Baltimore Protesters Throw Rocks, Bottles At Police ➠ Video

Baltimore Protesters Throw Rocks, Bottles At Police ➠ Video


VIDEO: Baltimore Protesters Throw Rocks, Bottles at Police

Protests in Baltimore turned violent as a group of disorderly individuals started throwing rocks and bottles at police.

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At least one officer was injured during the clash with protesters, many of whom appeared to be teenagers.

The Baltimore Police Department announced earlier today that it has received a “credible threat” about gangs teaming up to attack police officers.

The threat comes as thousands gathered today for the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old man who died of injuries sustained in police custody.

The Associated Press reported:

Gray died April 19, days after his encounter with police. The 2,500-capacity New Shiloh Baptist church was filled with mourners, many of whom filed past Gray’s casket before the service began.


While the funeral was underway, police said in a news release that the department had received a “credible threat” that three notoriously violent gangs are now working together to “take out” law enforcement officers. Gray’s death has heightened tensions between residents and the police, with protests at times turning violent.


Just hours after Gray’s funeral, dozens of people sparred with police in riot gear outside a mall in northwest Baltimore. Some threw rocks and bricks at the officers, who were wearing helmets and face shields.


One man held his arms up as the police moved toward him, an action that has been repeated throughout the Gray rallies.

Protests over Gray’s death turned violent this weekend with at least 34 arrests being made and six officers suffering injuries.

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