Baltimore Riots Will Cost The City AT LEAST $20 Million ➠ 75% Of It Paid By American Taxpayers!


Baltimore Riots Will Cost The City AT LEAST Million…And They Want 75% Of It Paid By American Taxpayers…

All of the estimates aren’t even in yet…

Via Truth Revolt:

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According to the Baltimore Sun, estimates put the cost of the city’s riots around $20M…so far.


The $20 million figure includes expenses for police and firefighter overtime, damage to city-owned property and payment to other jurisdictions that assisted with policing duties.


Baltimore’s finance director, Henry J. Raymond, said that the city can cover the costs from its rainy day fund, but that it is only a temporary solution and that they are planning on requesting up to 75 percent reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


That’s right, Baltimore wants 75% of the costs of the rioting to fall on the backs of the American taxpayer. More

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