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Beck Begs Americans Not To ‘Play Politics’ Amid Crisis ➠ ‘What Is Coming Is A Christian Holocaust!

Beck Begs Americans Not to ‘Play Politics’ Amid Crisis in the Middle East: ‘What Is Coming Is a Christian Holocaust’

Glenn Beck on Wednesday said he believes there will be a “Christian holocaust” in the Middle East unless Americans do something to stop it.

“We said we would never let the world fall into this darkness again,” Beck said on his television program. “And yet here we stand.”

Beck said people “failed to listen to people like George Clooney on the Sudan” because “we wanted to make it about politics.”

“And I’m not saying us, per se,” Beck said, noting that he once asked Clooney what he and his audience could do to help. “[But it] never happened because people want to play politics. Let’s not, what do you say?”

Beck spoke with Jacqueline and Yvette Isaac whose nonprofit organization Roads of Success has delivered aid to those being persecuted in the Middle East. In particular, they are helping girls who have been kidnapped, raped and tortured by the Islamic State and either managed to escape or were left for dead.

“They’re afraid to live another day. They don’t know what’s going to happen next,” Jacqueline said. “[The Islamic State doesn’t] want to kill. They want to destroy and then kill. These people are the devil in flesh.”


Glenn Beck speaks on his television program April 8, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)


Beck said “God is condemning all of us now” for not doing everything we can to stop the atrocities.

“The American Revolution, the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement came and were won from the pulpits first,” Beck said. “The pulpits should be on fire, but our pulpits are barely an ember! It’s shameful what is happening!”

“God will not hold us blameless, so I suggest that you reach out to the Coptic Christians,” he added. “They’re persecuted. They need your help.” More

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