Beginning Of Gun Confiscation? Obama Starting With Our Nation’s Heroes

Beginning Of Gun Confiscation? Obama Starting With Our Nation’s Heroes

Despite the clearly written words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment of our Constitution, it seems that the left has little desire to abide by our nation’s most prized document. Proving just that is a recent effort put forth by the Obama administration in which our veterans are being abused and literally having their rights violated.

The report was released by WND, who have long reported on the clear abuses inflicted on our vets over the years, specifically in regards to their Second Amendment rights. Explaining two years ago that veterans would have their guns ripped from their hands as the government dubs them “incompetent,” it seems that their formerly “unverified” report now holds true.

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If a veteran is deemed “incompetent,” they will no longer be allowed to own a gun, but that’s not all. Along with the veterans being stripped of their constitutional rights, should they reside in a home with anyone else, those cohabiting with the vet will have their rights trampled as well.

That’s right, without due justice – or even a remotely good reason – anyone living with a veteran who the government considers “incompetent” cannot own a firearm. So, what exactly would get you on this list?

According to Allen West, this category goes far beyond veterans with PTSD or depression:

The VA recommends many military veterans who it deems “incompetent” and in need of financial assistance to manage their benefits be placed in the “mental defective” category of the national gun ban list.

The worst part is, there is no evaluation process to determine whether this is the case – you are simply placed on the list if you fit their guidelines. If this is the case, according to United States Justice Foundation (USJF):

[V]eterans are given 60 days to prove they are competent, which is a direct violation of the due process clause of the Constitution that requires the burden of proof be on the government. More

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