Beyoncé’s Efforts Succeed: Two Cops Shot Dead! (Video)

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With the Black Lives Matter movement emboldened by Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, it seems that her efforts have most recently succeeded. Unfortunately, this devastating turn of events came about after two police officers were targeted and shot dead because of what they were wearing.

The incident took place in Abingdon, Maryland, after police officers were dispatched to a local Panera Bread for a disturbance of some kind brought on by 68-year-old David Evans. However, things would take a turn as soon as police arrived.

According to eyewitnesses, the first responding officer arrived and approached Evans only to ask, “How was your day?” Unfortunately, it seems that the man had bad intentions. He quickly brandished a gun and shot the police officer in the head.

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“He just took out his gun and shot him in the head right after the officer just asked him, ‘How was your day?’” Sophia Faulkner said. Another witness, Lynn Faulkner, said, “Sat down and we’re eating and his head was shot right in the temple. They tried to resuscitate him. One of the guests in the restaurant actually chased him down.” More


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