Biden ➠ Hey, You Know Who Really Is A “Practical” Guy? Vladimir Putin


Biden: Hey, You Know Who Really Is A “Practical” Guy? Vladimir Putin….

Among other things, like murderer.

Via Washington Examiner:

Vice President Joe Biden simultaneously slammed and complimented Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday afternoon following a speech at the Brookings Institution on the crisis in Ukraine.


“Putin’s vision has very little to offer the people of Europe” or Russia but “false” promises of a past that “wasn’t all that great to begin with,” Biden told the audience. Biden said that instead of offering leadership and strong institutions, Putin just offers rhetoric and propaganda that equates saber rattling with strength.


After that blunt assessment, however, Biden credited the Russian leader with at least having some sensibility.


“At his core, he is practical,” Biden said in response to a question. Biden said Putin will push issues as far as he can, but will pull back if he thinks the fallout is too great. “If you look at his behavior, he’s a practical guy,” Biden added.

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