Biker Dave Breaks Through Inaugural Protester Wall (Video)

This is biker Dave. Dave does not allow protesters to block entrance. Dave does not care if he is “on camera“. Dave is awesome. Be just like Dave.


Dave, the Biker for Trump, is a man of few words. At:22.


There’s nothing that inspires more fear-driven respect than seeing a bunch of burly, angry bikers approaching your adorable little “protest.” No matter how much you believe in whatever is written on that unoriginal sign you’re holding, you step out of the way when you see they’re coming through.

Which is exactly what happened during the inauguration on Friday, when a wall of protestors refused to let supporters of the new President through to the inauguration.[…]

Don’t you love how the little snowflake yelled “You’re on camera!” as if that was supposed to make the biker tuck his tail between his legs and run?

What’s interesting if that they also have a group of protestors illegally preventing people from freely traveling to a lawful destination. More

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