Bill ➠ I Let Hillary Do The Thinking For Me ➠ Video


Bill: I Let Hillary Do The Thinking For Me…

Except for when Bill’s thinking with his other head, which is roughly 95% of the time.

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Via The Hill:

Former President Bill Clinton says he takes his cues from his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, even if he doesn’t agree with her.


While talking trade and the economy with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Wednesday, Clinton quipped, “As Hillary pointed out the other day, there needs to be a lot of improvements here. I think, and she does — and even if I didn’t think, since she does, I’d say I did.” “But I do,” Clinton continued to laughs from the audience.


“We shouldn’t have a trade enforcement mechanism where a group we don’t know picks the lawyers and they can’t let unions protest, and they can’t let NGOs [nongovernmental organizations]protest, or they cannot. That shouldn’t be optional,” Clinton said.


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