Bill Clinton Begs For Donations For Clinton Foundation After Scandal Scares Them Away

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Bill Clinton Begs For Donations For Clinton Foundation After Scandal Scares Them Away

“It’s just politics, guys, please give us money, I need to pay the bills!”

Via Breitbart:

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As questions brought up by the blockbuster book Clinton Cash continue to reverberate around the world, this week Bill Clinton sent a panicked letter to donors pleading with them not to flee his foundation.


In an attempt to push back against the serious questions dogging his charity, Bill Clinton sent a letter to some 30,000 Clinton Foundation donors insisting that the allegations are “just politics” and saying that the campaign against him is just an effect of Hillary’s run for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president.


“As you all know, it’s the political season in America, so the purpose and impact of the efforts your support makes possible has largely been ignored in recent coverage of the Foundation,” Clinton wrote in his letter. “But we are and always have been a non-partisan, inclusive foundation with lots of support from and involvement by people across the political spectrum and governments from right to left, all committed to our creative solutions-centered work.” More

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