Bill Clinton: If Hillary Is Elected She Will Get Between One & Three Supreme Court Appointments (Video)

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(Shudder) – Columbia, South Carolina

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With us being just several weeks away now from South Carolina’s Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton wasn’t in town Wednesday, but her husband was.


The former president took the stage a little early Wednesday night and spoke for about thirty minutes to the supportive crowd. He said Hillary Clinton, if elected, would practice inclusive politics.


“She is clearly the best qualified person to be president I have ever had the chance to vote for and ask you to vote for.”


The last time President Bill Clinton was reportedly in Columbia was in 2012 when he delivered a commencement speech at Columbia College. It was his first trip to Allen University since 2000. And the 42nd president, naturally, had nothing but praise for his wife, who’s battling for the Democratic nomination for president.


Clinton narrowly won the Iowa Caucus on Monday but her chances in New Hampshire are much slimmer with her challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders, leading in the polls.


Political experts say that’s why South Carolina will be important to her.


“One of the reasons you ought to vote for Hillary is the next president’s going to get between one and three appointments to the United States Supreme Court, and we can change a lot of that.”


President Clinton touched on Hillary’s specific policies — from prison reform to affordable college.


“Those of us in higher income categories should pay to make college affordable to all Americans. And, this is one place where her plan is really good. People getting Pell Grants can use it all, if they need to, for basic living expenses.” More

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