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Bill Clinton In A Dress Isn’t The Most Disturbing Part Of This Pro-Hillary Ad


Bill Clinton in a Dress Isn’t the Most Disturbing Part of this Pro-Hillary Ad




Bill Clinton in a dress? That’s the hook behind a pro-Hillary PAC called BillForFirstLady2016.com.

But seeing Bill Clinton, or an actor playing him, in a dress isn’t the most disturbing part of the social media campaign designed to drum up support, and an email list, for a Hillary run. One of the ads, released today on YouTube, features young girls discussing why Hillary should run. After listing off reasons such as inspiring girls to achieve their dreams and equal pay for women, the ad has the girls warn that without Hillary abortion is at risk.

“To beat back Republican attacks on women’s reproductive rights,” says a young girl to the camera. The video then cuts to another young girl saying, “When we grow up, we want choice.” A third girl chimes in that “President Hillary will be our voice.”

The campaign is the brainchild of Luke Montgomery, the same man behind the Potty-Mouth Princesses video that used girls as young as six dropping F-bombs to push a left-wing political message.

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