Proposed Bill Would Fund Border Wall By Fining Nations For Each Illegal Alien

A new bill that was introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) on Tuesday seeks to fund the border wall by fining Mexico and other nations for each illegal alien that enters the United States illegally.

Genius idea! Plus put the burden of proof on the country where we believe the illegal came from and not on the United States. We should also tax all the cash sent to Mexico at 25%, and they will begin to self-deport themselves.


The “Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act” was introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) on Tuesday. It seeks to fine nations $2,000 for each of their citizens that crosses our border illegally.

With 400,000 illegal immigrants being caught crossing the border annually, that is $800,000,000 per year towards the project.

The fine would be cut from their foreign aid and redirected towards funding the wall.

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Additionally, the bill would impose a fee upon Americans who wire money to other countries and raise the fee for tourist’s I-94 forms from $6 to $25.

“Border security was one of the primary issues of the 2016 campaign. Americans believed us when we promised to build the wall, secure our border, and enforce our laws,” Biggs said in a statement about the bill.

“Even with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, we have failed to secure the funds for the border wall. In the meantime, our Border Patrol agents suffer demoralizing losses of resources and personnel. Some in Congress view border security as leverage for an amnesty deal, but that would turn a crisis into a catastrophe,” Biggs added.

Biggs concluded his statement by urging fellow lawmakers to support his bill.

“We must keep our promises to the American people. We must fund, start, and complete the border wall without further delay. I encourage my colleagues to join me in support of this legislation,” Biggs said.

In addition to funding the wall, the bill would restore overtime pay for Border Patrol at the same rate as all other DHS law enforcement agencies.

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