Bill Maher Actually Wants ISIS to Capture Baghdad ➠ Yes, Really ➠ Video

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Bill Maher Actually Wants ISIS to Capture Baghdad. Yes, Really.

Careful what you wish for, Bill Maher, lest you give off the impression of indifference to genocide.

Never one to shy away from the outrageous or asinine, the liberal comic said something on his HBO show Friday night that qualifies as both.

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During a discussion with his guests about Iraq, an exasperated Maher said he hopes ISIS takes control of its capital city, home to one in four Iraqis, as a tangible way of demonstrating that the United States is no longer policing the global beat —

MAHER: Let’s talk about Iraq a little bit because Obama this week, getting us back in there. He must feel like Michael Corleone in (The) Godfather (Part) III, every time I want to be out, they pull me back in, except I don’t know why he has to go back in. Yes, ISIS took Mosul about a year ago. They took Ramadi a couple of weeks ago. Does it really matter who controls Ramadi or Mosul to an American? You know, this war does not have to go on forever. Even American Idol is ending. (laughter and applause from the audience.) I just don’t think we have to always be the world’s policeman.

And who would you prefer in that role — the kleptocrats in the Kremlin? The benevolent souls running the show in China? Perhaps the sensitive theocrats in Tehran.

Ever notice how anyone spouting this line never says who should fill the void that most assuredly would get filled? More

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