Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Championship Track Event

Trans woman CeCe Telfer competed on the Franklin Pierce University men’s track and field team during her first three years of college, won the women’s 400-meter hurdles national title at the 2019 NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Telfer dominated the competition.

Prior to joining the women’s team this season, Telfer was just a mediocre athlete who never came close to making it to nationals in the men’s category. In 2016 and 2017, she ranked 200th and 390th, respectively, among DII men in the 400 hurdles. Now she’s the national champion in the event simply because she changed her gender.

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Hot Air:

Here we go again. It seems as if a month can’t go by these days without another women’s sporting event being won by a man “identifying” as a woman and further pushing competitive women’s sports toward extinction. This time it took place at the NCAA Division II women’s track national championship, held last weekend. In the 400 meter hurdles, Cece Telfer (formerly Craig Telfer), a senior from Franklin Pierce University, blew away the rest of the eight-person field, finishing nearly two seconds ahead of the second-place athlete. (And if you follow track and field, that is a significant margin for a race of that length.)

Of course, as recently as last year, Cece Telfer was competing as a male and not exactly dazzling the crowd. (Trib Live)

A transgender woman who competed as a man as recently as last year won an NCAA women’s track national championship on Saturday.

Franklin Pierce University senior Cece Telfer beat the eight-woman field in the Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles by more than a second, with a personal collegiate-best time of 57.53.

As recently as January 2018, Telfer had been competing as an athlete for Franklin Pierce men’s team as Craig. Telfer finished eighth in a field of nine in the Men’s 400 meters at the Middlebury Winter Classic in Vermont. More

The differences between male and female go well beyond testosterone levels. Indeed, testosterone levels only begin to tell the difference, as just about every photo of CeCe Telfer in competition well illustrates. The rub lies in getting people who want something else to be true (which, unfortunately, is a large portion of the influencers in this country) to acknowledge that fact. It may take a few more national championships by biological males, and a few desperate acts of furious women, to get that point across.

Meanwhile, the fact that biological males derive any joy whatsoever in defeating biological females in a national championship competition speaks volumes about what we accept as an accomplishment. And none of it is any good.

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