Biracial Marine DESTROYS Race Baiters & Free Loaders In One AWESOME Rant

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Biracial Marine DESTROYS Race Baiters & Free Loaders In One SWEET Rant

There’s no doubt that the left is trying to thrust this nation into a chaos of racism. Lucky for America, not all of us are clueless drones ready to absorb leftist propaganda.

Instead, many citizens rely on facts in order to draw conclusions, such as one marine recently caught on camera. In a video going viral, a biracial service member lit into not only race baiters and freeloaders, but society as a whole.

The clip entails the man speaking in the company of other men in uniform after apparently having his feathers ruffled a bit. The resulting rant that came out is perhaps one of the most factual and hard-hitting truths to be seen online since the rise of Obama’s sheep.


That being said, the marine starts by explaining that he’s “black, Jewish, native America, and all this good stuff,” but he states that he’s been called racist in the past. He then continued on his epic blasting session, saying that he doesn’t rely on the suffering of his ancestors in order to vindicate entitlement.

In fact, he went on to say that he would never accept anything from the government because of his ancestors’ past suffering. Explaining that he never experienced the wrongs that brought about such treatment, the young Marine notes that it’s not him who deserves it. More

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