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‘Black Brunch’ Protesters Hit Atlanta On Palm Sunday ➠ ‘You’re Scaring the Children!’

‘Black Brunch’ Protesters Hit Atlanta on Palm Sunday: ‘You’re Scaring the Children!’

Like they did a week ago, ”Black Brunch” protesters hit the Atlanta area on Palm Sunday to disrupt “white spaces” by walking into restaurants, standing among diners and loudly reading statistics and proclamations regarding black oppression.

Image source: Twitter

Twitchy noted the latest protests, which were caught on cellphone video and spread around the Internet via social media.

In this clip a man who appeared to be a manager attempted to get protesters out of the eatery to no avail — not even when a woman told them, “You’re scaring the children!”

Here diners simply left the restaurant during the protest:

Protesters talked over this man’s quiet pleas:

Some reactions:

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

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