Black conservative talk show host Larry Elder NAILS libs on NAACP fraud


Black conservative talk show host Larry Elder NAILS libs on NAACP fraud

Black conservative radio host Larry Elder nailed the left for its double standards in defending NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal for misrepresenting herself as black.

Dolezal, the leader of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP, was outed by her parents this weekend for being white.

She received a scholarship to Howard University, a traditionally black school.

The Spokane police have dropped investigations into hate crimes she reported, saying it had no more leads to follow.

And yet, some on the left continue to support Dolezal, which annoyed Elder so much that he took to Twitter to vent his disgust.

“NAACP backs #RachelDolezal. Black conservatives who ‘try to be white’ = Uncle Toms. White leftist lying about being black = keepin’ it real,” he wrote in one tweet.

“Each yr., @EBONYMag EXCLUDES W. Williams, Clarence Thomas & T. Sowell from List of 100+ Black VIPs. THEY decide who’s black,” he wrote in another.

Elder then continued his rant in several tweets that showed his anger over the blatant double standard.



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