Black Girl Beats, Stomps On White Girl ➠ Then Beats Her Little Brother While Her Friends Laugh ➠ VIDEO


For some reason this girl’s friends thought this was funny?
A black girl was filmed beating and stomping on a white girl in a park while her friends cheered.
white girl beat down

Then the perpetrator turns on the white girl’s little brother, a five or six year-old, and knocks him down on a sidewalk after he tried to help his big sister.
This was very disturbing.
(BIG Warning on Language and Violence)

It would be nice if we had a president who speak out against this all too common form of racial violence rather than go after police officers with trumped-up racism charges.

Here is a shot of the perpetrator’s Facebook page.
girl fighter

And, at least a few people spoke out against this girl’s assault. More

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