Black Youths Riot In Downtown Minneapolis For St. Patrick’s Day ➠ Video

black lives riot mnBlack Youths Riot in Downtown Minneapolis for St. Patrick’s Day (Video)


The organized riot started when a large group of teens took mass transit downtown with the intention to cause trouble.


Minneapolis police made approximately 6 arrests during the chaos following the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

KSTP reported:

A chaotic night Tuesday in downtown Minneapolis included fights, injuries and arrests.


Police say it all began with a large group of teens who used mass transit to travel downtown with the intention of causing trouble.


The group of young people fought amongst themselves and blocked traffic near Nicollet Mall amid St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


The disturbance was widespread and included the areas between 3rd and 8th streets, and Marquette and Hennepin avenues.


Additional police officers were called in to restore order. They arrested as many as six people, and used buses to get others out of the area.


Two people who were involved in the fights were injured, police say.

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