#BlackLivesMatter Activist Arrested On Terrorism Charges Says White Hackers Threatened Her


In September race activist Latausha Nedd, who goes by “Eye Empress Sekhmet,” was arrested in Clayton County, Georgia for making video-taped threats to kill white people and police.

WSB reported she also called for activists to ‘take over’ police stations.

Eye-Empress-Sekhmet-FlagEye Empress Sekhmet from an earlier ‘F*** Yo Flag’ demonstration. Image via RespectThatMelanin.

Eye Empress Sekhmet made threats to kill white people in a recent video that was taken down from YouTube but was reposted at SendVid. The video was titled, “DECLARATION OF OPEN SEASON ON CRACKAS”.

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Tonight Latausha Nedd told Megyn Kelly her Google group was hacked by white racists who called her the n-word and a coon.

That’s why she threatened to kill all crackers and police.

She then explained the origins of the word cracker.

Via The Kelly File:


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