#BlackLivesMatter Idiots Vandalize… Statue Of Columbus‽

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Because hey, he’s evil,even though he had absolutely nothing to do with black people.

Via Boston Herald:

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The Christopher Columbus statue in the North End was vandalized yesterday — with red paint dumped on its head and “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on its base — in a defacing that left one local leader frustrated the cherished site was used for protest.


“For someone who was in the neighborhood, I certainly sympathize with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ discussions,” said state Rep. Aaron Michlewitz. “But, I think there’s a better way to get your point across than to vandalize public property — even with the complexities that surround Christopher Columbus’ history.”


Daunasia Yancey, founder and lead organizer at Black Lives Matter Boston, said her group wasn’t behind it, but “we fully support it.”


The Boston Parks Department found the defaced statue early yesterday morning, and it was quickly cleaned up.

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