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Blame the Teenagers For What Happened In McKinney ➠ Not The Police


So we have an unsanctioned, heavily promoted, loud, sexually charged teen party right in the middle of a neighborhood filled with parents and children of all different races. This party is being organized by people who have shown themselves to be both loose with the facts and unconcerned with respecting the peace, privacy, and rules of the community. And we have no adult supervision —  save for a few alleged grown ups who see no problem with a bunch of bikini-clad 14 year olds playing the role of ”dime pieces.”

This is called “context,” my friends.

And with this context, we can now take another look at the latest racial outrage surrounding this event in McKinney, Texas over the weekend.

You’ve likely been made vaguely aware of some butchered, half-cocked version of something that approximately resembles a few of the facts related to the incident in McKinney. Nevertheless, if you operate like so many in our country these days, you’ve formed a full and unchangeable opinion on the matter.

If you’re in that crowd — the Oblivious and Proud Club — you know that at some point during the Dime Piece party, cops were called. You know that amidst a lengthy attempt to control the mob and investigate the situation, a seven-minute sliver of a small part of the overall scene was captured on video. You know the footage shows Officer Casebolt running around and yelling at a group of uncooperative teens. You know that he curses at the teens — no doubt causing lasting emotional scars by introducing them to the F word for the first time in their lives – and generally acts unpleasantly towards them. And you know that eventually he ends up throwing a teenage girl to the ground and drawing his weapon. More

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