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Boko Haram Uses 12-Year-Old Girl As A Suicide Bomber ➠ Kills 7 During Attack On Bun Station

Boko Haram's Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech

Boko Haram Uses 12-Year-Old Girl As A Suicide Bomber, Kills 7 During Attack On Bun Station…

Pure evil.

Via HRO:

A girl aged about 12 carried out a suicide attack at a bus station in northeastern Nigeria on Saturday, killing seven people and injuring 31, witnesses said, shortly after officials revealed Boko Haram Islamists had recaptured a strategic town.


The head of the local Sani Abacha hospital, doctor Gara Fika, said six bodies and 32 injured had arrived there with one person dying after being admitted.


The Damaturu bus station has been repeatedly targeted in a string of previous suicide attacks.


“I was in the station when I saw the young girl arrive,” said bus driver Musbahu Lawan.


“I think she noticed the guards checking people at the gates and she decided to detonate the explosives in the middle of the crowd outside the gates.”

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