BOMBSHELL: Blaine Cooper Says Lavoy Finicum Left All Weapons At Refuge… Was UNARMED WHEN SHOT!

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While appearing in an Internet radio interview, militiaman Blaine Cooper dropped a bombshell regarding LaVoy Finicum, the rancher killed by law enforcement agents on the road to John Day, Oregon.

According to Cooper, Finicum — who had been photographed wearing a holstered revolver — had left all of his weapons at the refuge when he and the others left to attend a meeting at John Day.

“When they left to go over to the other county, all of them left their weapons behind. As far as Ammon wasn’t armed, LaVoy wasn’t armed, all of LaVoys weapons were at the refuge when he left,” he said.

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“The only reason he drove off was because he was being fired at so he drove off so he didn’t get shot,” Cooper said.  “There’s two rounds in the top of his truck that they were able to photograph. That’s why he drove off and tried to get around there because he was afraid they were going to kill him. And he was right.”

This, of course, would directly contradict what officers had said previously.  According to the FBI, Finicum was allegedly reaching for a semiautomatic pistol in his jacket pocket. More


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