BOMBSHELL ➠ Clinton Emails Reveal Location Of Something Major ➠ This Is HUGE


As Hillary Clinton continues on her campaign trail, ducking the media at every turn and regurgitating Democrat talking points, it’s been revealed that her emails discussed several different very important locations, all of which were classified, which could be a game changer in the entire scandal.

Appearing on the Sean Hannity show, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that he had personally seen emails that were released through a Freedom of Information Act request, and apparently, what was in them shouldn’t play out too well for the former Secretary of State. Through an unsecured server which was her own, Clinton revealed the locations of NATO jets prior to bombing missions, the size and scope of the no-fly zones in the same region, and most importantly, Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ location in Libya prior to his tragic murder by Islamic radicals.

“She denied that there were any classified documents on her server,” said host, Sean Hannity.

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“She cannot deny that any longer,” retorted Napolitano.

Hannity explained the emails the inspectors general saw, saying they looked at 40 and saw four which would be considered classified. He then asked the Judge if he believed there were any violations of the law.

“It absolutely is, but it’s worse than that,” Napolitano said, before explaining which emails he personally saw that should spell serious trouble for Clinton.

The full segment is below, and Napolitano’s bombshell starts at around 2:45:


That’s a pretty big deal, if it proves to be accurate, but then again, I don’t see a need for Napolitano to lie about it. Clinton needs to be behind bars for her corruption, not on the campaign trail, and certainly not holding the office of president. More


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