BOOM ➠ Terrorist Learns The Hard Way That ‘Allah’ Won’t Save Him! ➠ Video

BOOM ➠ Terrorist Learns The Hard Way That 'Allah' Won’t Save Him! ➠ Video

VIDEO: Terrorist Learns The Hard Way That “Allah” Won’t Save Him… BOOM!

Perhaps “Allah” may not always be paying attention to their activities?

In a video uploaded to social media that quickly went viral, a group of terrorists could be heard bragging about their latest acquisition — a mortar system — and after throwing a few “Allahu Akbars,” one terrorist dropped a round into the tube.

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Disaster ensued.

The video was tagged as being filmed in Syria, a country overrun with radical Islamic terrorists. As the terrorist loaded the large round into their new weapon and aimed at a distant target, the round immediately exploded and left the entire crew scrambling.

It’s unclear how many of the men died or were injured by the explosion; but one can clearly hear screams of terror at the end of the short clip, indicating that something bad had just happened. It’s probably a safe bet that the rookie who dropped the round into the launcher didn’t make it.

Given this example, it’s difficult to imagine these terrorists actually being effective at gaining and holding ground across Syria and Iraq; but somehow, they’ve done it.

A proper “boots on the ground” response from the United States military would be extremely effective against these untrained terrorist militias who obviously have no idea how to operate large weaponry.

But that would mean President Barack Obama would have to go against his Islamic allies.

It should be noted that the camera operator in the video only praised Allah three times — perhaps a fourth would have kept them from being turned into non-Halal ground meat.

h/t: Mad World News

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