BOOM: Ben Carson Issues Huge Warning After Boehner’s Fall… Moderates Had Better Watch Their Backs

Click here to watch video.

Click here to watch video.

After all, he, along with a number of other Republicans who were elected by conservatives to buck President Barack Obama’s agenda, failed to do so and instead played the “get along with everyone” game.

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson warned that moderate Republicans haven’t a chance at getting the job done and had choice words for Boehner after his announcement.

“I appreciate the fact that he has worked so hard for so many years. I know that he is a person who is kind and tries to get along with a lot of different factions,” Carson told Newsmax.

“However, I believe that has not served the constituency well because a lot of people have been sent to Congress over the last few elections for the purpose of changing the direction and opposing the current administration,” Carson said. “That’s not necessarily a good place to have somebody who just wants to get along.”

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Carson emphasized that the next speaker of the Republican-controlled House must be ready and willing to battle it out with the White House on the important issues facing the United States.

“We need very strong leadership that will oppose this president and his agenda and oppose it vigorously,” Carson said.

We couldn’t agree more, Dr. Carson. Though South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy comes to mind, he’s repeatedly said that he’s not interested in the top spot. We can only hope and pray that a speaker with a Gowdy-like passion takes the leadership position and sends a strong message to the White House from day one.

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