BOOM! Donald Trump Drops The Hammer On John Kerry & It’s EPIC

BOOM! Donald Trump Drops The Hammer On John Kerry & It's EPIC

Donald Trump is known for many things, but mincing words is not one of them. The presidential hopeful made this blatantly clear when he was recently interviewed by radio host Hugh Hewitt and asked to discuss his thoughts on current foreign policy.

Hewitt asked Trump how he would handle the recent live fire drills in a disputed area of the South China Sea. That is when The Donald shredded the current administration, stating that the lack of leadership was the problem.

Trump openly mocked Secretary of State John Kerry, saying, “They have no respect for our president, they have no respect for John Kerry, who falls off bicycles at 73 in the middle of a negotiation that’s very important.” The real estate mogul also added that the Iran deal was one of the worst treaties in American history and that Kerry’s team is the “most incompetent group of negotiators.” Well, that must have stung.

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Have a listen:


Trump also stated that the United States could not be the world’s policeman, directed at the issues with the Ukraine. “That’s a fight that should be led by the Europeans, in particularly Germany, not by us,” Trump said. More

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