BOOM! Dr. Gina Loudon Drops Huge Truth BOMB On CNN

Dr. Gina Loudon drops truth BOMB on CNN... Video of groper Bill Clinton is online.


Dr. Gina Loudon drops huge truth BOMB on CNN… Video of groper Bill Clinton is online.

How will anyone ever be able to trust the media after they have gone to such extraordinary lengths to protect one candidate while unfairly demonizing another one?

Dr. Gina Loudon went on CNN today to discuss the fallacious “groping” accusations against Donald Trump. Per Wikileaks we know that CNN is working with the Clinton Campaign to destroy Donald Trump. Numerous leaked emails by Wikileaks prove that they have combined efforts to bring down the Republican candidate. Dr. Gina was supposed to discuss alleged groping incidents with Donald Trump. Gina Dropped a bomb!….

There is video on Gateway Pundit that shows Bill Clinton groping a flight attendantCNN immediately cut her off.


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Here again is the groper video Dr. Gina mentioned on CNN this afternoon:
Bill Clinton puts his hand between the legs of a flight attendant during his campaign. Bill thought the cameras had stopped rolling. Bill was grabbing stewardess p*ssy.

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