BOOM! Joe diGenova: Rod Rosenstein Has a Big Problem (Video)

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova told Hannity that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is under investigation.

Could they be going after them one at a time? Rod Rosenstein would be a good place to start because he’s behind a lot of dirty deeds. But does anyone believe that Rosenstein or any of the other deep state goons will actually be prosecuted? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Amazing segment!

Joe diGenova: It was obvious that a fraud was committed on the court… We can no longer trust the department under Rosenstein, who by the way, he’s got a big problem with FISA… He’s now under investigation and he can’t do FISAs anymore.

Hannity: Whoa! Rosenstein is under investigation?

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DiGenova: Rosenstein is under investigation for things that involve the FISA warrants.

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