BOOM ➠ Watch Terrorists BLOWN To Bits After Buying Cannon On The Cheap


[Watch] Terrorists BLOWN To Bits After Buying Cannon On The Cheap

As the leader of ISIS has recently declared that Islam is the “religion of war,” it’s good to finally see that someone is acknowledging the reality for what it is. However, what they’re not talking about is the fact that they’ll recruit just about anyone who is willing to kill in the name of Allah – even if they end up killing their own fellow combatants.

I, for one, can say these videos never seem to get old.

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Recently released by the YouTube channel World Conflict Films, a video depicts Syrian Rebels – or “moderate Muslims” as President Obama likes to refer to them – blowing themselves to kingdom come. According to the video’s description, the Islamic militants were attempting “to launch an improvised spigot mortar round at Syrian government forces.”

Unfortunately for them, the ordnance that was set to be launched at the infidels went “boom” in their faces. It’s unclear whether it was the cannon or the mortar round that malfunctioned, well, let’s just say it

The terrorists can be seen in the video walking around with a sh*t eating grin as they were about to show off their impressive new firepower. They quickly load the round before moving back to a “safe” distance of maybe 15 feet from the cannon before they preemptively give their praises to Allah for the blood they’re about to spill.

Too bad for them, they didn’t know it was going to be their own. More

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