BOOM! White House Releases Audio That Proves Wall Street Journal Is Lying About Trump

If President Trump could walk on water the MSM would say he couldn’t swim…

All these idiots in the MSM are doing is just ensuring that DJT will have two terms.

On Saturday the Trump administration shot back at the #FakeNews Wall Street Journal over A DIFFERENT LIE by the paper.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders lashed out at the Wall Street Journal for falsely quoting President Trump on his statement about tyrant Kim Jong Un.

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Huckabee Sanders followed that up with the actual audio that proves the Wall Street Journal was lying.

The cranks at the Wall Street Journal refuse to apologize for the obvious error.

The Wall Street Journal has been extremely hard on President Trump since he announced his intention to run for president.

The contributors frequently attack President Trump and his administration.
They were NEVER part of the #MAGA movement.

On Friday the WSJ published a report that Trump associates paid off a former porn star after a fling with Donald Trump in 2006.

** There is no proof.
** There is no evidence.
** It is all hearsay.
** Trump denies it.
** His lawyer denies.
** Just like they denied the SAME accusations during the election.

The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the liberal media ran with it anyway. Read more at TGP.

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