Border Patrol BUST Four Muslim Men From Bangladesh Illegally Entering US

For Bangladeshi’s to enter the United States through Mexico goes to show the huge effort in the plan they have purposefully made. I’ve said for years this is happening.  We’re so laser-focused on bogus threats, that the real threats might just slip by.

The Laredo Sector has arrested about 367 Bangladeshi Nationals since the start of the 2018 fiscal year.


In what is becoming a frightening and common occurrence, four Muslim men were caught illegally crossing into the United States on Friday.

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Border Patrol agents in Texas arrested the four Muslim men who they say are from Bangladesh. The illegal immigrants were apprehended near the Fort Brown Golf Course in Brownsville, Texas.

According to the Border Patrol agents, they discovered the men were Muslim when they questioned them in Spanish and the four men didn’t understand. After inspecting their belongings, the agents learned that the men were from Bangladesh, a Muslim majority country.

The debate surrounding illegal immigration on the Southern US border has been focused on invaders from Mexico and Central and South America. However, what many people fail to realize is the fact that illegal immigrants from all around the world, especially the Middle East use the Southern border to illegally enter the United States. More

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