Boston Bomber’s Family Still Thinks It’s All A Big Conspiracy

Boston Bomber's Family Still Thinks It's All A Big Conspiracy

Boston Bomber’s Family Still Thinks It’s All A Big Conspiracy

Despite his lawyer’s admission that he was guilty of the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured 264 others, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s family in Chechnya and Dagestan maintains his innocence, blaming it all on a U.S. government conspiracy.

“This was all fabricated by the American special services,” Dzhokhar’s uncle Said-Hussein Tsarnaev told TIME in an exclusive published Wednesday.

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“It would be so much easier if he had actually committed these crimes,” said his aunt Maret Tsarnaeva. “Then we could swallow this pain and accept it.”

According to TIME, the Tsarnaev family claims that Dzhokhar is a victim of a conspiracy designed to test America’s response to terrorism and the potentials of imposing martial law:

Like many observers of the case in Russia, the Tsarnaev family has claimed — without providing any meaningful evidence — that the bombing was part of a U.S. government conspiracy intended to test the American public’s reaction to a terrorist threat and the imposition of martial law in a U.S. city. “This was all fabricated by the American special services,” Said-Hussein Tsarnaev, the convicted bomber’s uncle, tells TIME. A panel of 12 jurors in Boston reached the verdict after weeks of testimony from some 90 witnesses and 11 hours of deliberations spread over two days.

TIME highlights the “rancorous split” the trial has caused in the family. Those living in Chechnya and Dagestan, two heavily Muslim regions of Russia, generally believe that Dzhokhar is innocent and have called for him to dismiss his attorney, Judy Clarke, who openly admitted her client’s guilt at the beginning of the trial. Dzhokhar’s mother, Zubeidat, initially defended her son, but now, to the consternation of the rest of the family, “seems to have come around since then to [Clarke’s] strategy” and refuses to dismiss her.

“The mother won’t let us [dismiss Clarke],” the brothers’ great aunt Hava Tsarnaev said. “She won’t listen to reason.”

According to the family, neither will Dzhokhar’s father, Anzor, who lives in Dagestan. The reason: he’s “his wife’s zombie”:

“As frightening as it is to admit, Anzor has been his wife’s zombie all his life, from the first day they met,” said Anzor’s sister Maret. More


Boston Bomber’s Mother ➠ Americans Can Burn In Hell!



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