BREAKING ➠ ISIS Shuts Down Ramadi Dam ➠ Breaks Flow Of Water To Region


BREAKING: ISIS Shuts Down Ramadi Dam – Breaks Flow of Water to Region

ISIS rebels shut down the Ramadi Dam today restricting water flow to the region.

ISIS shut down the dam today.

Anadolu Agency reported:

Daesh rebels shut down the Ramadi Dam on Tuesday and cut water flow to areas controlled by the Iraqi security forces east of the city in Anbar province, a senior military official said.


Brigadier General Aziz Khalaf al-Tarmouz, an Anbar security advisor, told Anadolu Agency that Daesh seized control of Ramadi Dam, on the Euphrates River north of the city.


“Daesh cut water flow to al-Khalediya district and al-Habbaniya area, which are under the control of security forces and tribal fighters,” al-Tarmouz said.


The security advisor said the incident may cause a wave of civilian displacement from the area.


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