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“Item of Significance” Found at Germanwing Co-Pilot’s Apartment

Breaking: “Item of Significance” Found at Germanwing Co-Pilot’s Apartment

Police have reportedly found something of “significance” at the apartment of the co-pilot who crashed the Germanwing passenger plane into the Alps this week.



FOX News Insider reported:

Police have found something of “significance” at the apartment of the co-pilot who crashed a Germanwings plane in the French Alps.


Authorities say Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the Airbus A320 en route from Spain to Germany. All 150 people aboard the plane died.


GRN’s Alan Hall reported on tonight’s “On The Record” that police searched Lubitz’s apartment and found something of “significance,” but they would not say what it is. Authorities say it is not a suicide note.


Hall said that there’s a theory that Lubitz was a “jilted lover.” Locals say he lived with a woman, but she hasn’t been located.


Lubitz reportedly took six months off from his training in 2008 for personal reasons, which one neighbor described as “burnout.” Lubitz reportedly suffered from depression, Hall said.


Officials say Lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit before the plane began its 8-minute descent and crashed into the mountains.

Photos were released today of the copilot who murdered 149 people on a Germanwings Airbus A320.
The copilot would not let the pilot back into the cockpit after he left to use the restroom.
28-year-old German Andreas Lubitz trained in the Phoenix, Arizona and is pictured here in San Francisco.

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