Man ‘Held With Guns At Disneyland Paris’… “Found With A Copy Of The Koran & Box Of Ammunition”


Man arrested with two firearms at entrance to hotel at Disneyland Paris, French media report.

The man, reportedly aged 28 and not known to security services, was also discovered with a copy of the Koran and a box of ammunition, police said.

His bag reportedly triggered metal detectors as he entered the hotel at the much-visited theme park.

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France remains in a state of emergency following the deadly Islamist attacks in Paris in November last year.

So-called Islamic State said it carried out the co-ordinated assaults that left 130 people dead.

A woman believed to be a companion of the man has also been arrested, but was unarmed, according to French media.

Disneyland Paris is among Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. About 10 million people visited in 2014, according to the Global Attractions Attendance Report.

French President Francois Hollande is seeking to extend the three-month state of emergency for another three months, despite opposition from rights groups. More

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