Multiple People Stabbed At Union Station In Portland, Oregon

Multiple People Stabbed At Union Station In Portland, Oregon2

Via Breaking 911:

PORTLAND, Oregon — Portland Police have swarmed the scene at Union Station after a report of multiple people stabbed.


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Sunday, at 8:10 a.m., Central Precinct officers responded to a call of stabbing near the 800 block of N.W. 6th.
Officers arrived in the area and located the victims underneath a nearby bridge.


Initially, officer have identified at least two victims and a third person has injuries which may be related to the incident.


Officer summoned medical assistance for the injured persons and began an investigation.


The extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.


Officers with the Portland Police department are searching for a suspect.


Union Station is a train station near the west shore of the Willamette River in the Old Town Chinatown section of Portland.


The attacker was described as a ‘black man, shorter with blue jeans’.

The victims were apparently homeless and although not spelt out, this article seems to say the attacker was as well.

Keyes said he heard the woundw were “real graphic.” He said his brother-in-law was stabbed in the face and his sister-in-law “got stabbed in the head.”


Investigators have not disclosed a motive for the stabbing.


Rosemary Werring, who lives nearby, said the pent-up anger from the frustration of being homeless could have something to do with it.


“They deserve better,” she said. “They don’t deserve to live among garbage.”


I’m homeless, let me stab my neighbor in the next tent. Sounds reasonable…

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